Animation for Showmax

Promotion of the mobile application


Showmax Polska


scenario, storyboard, 2D animation



A plan for increasing user activity in mobile applications is a common task we receive from our clients. When Showmax asked us to prepare such a strategy, we had no doubts that the advertising media should include an animation informing about the benefits of downloading the application.

We decided to approach the task in Showmax’s style, that is with humor and lightness.
The key features of the application are presented using “real life” examples, illustrating the adventures of a group of characters of different ages and interests.


We began preparing the animation by working together with the client. Based on the analysis of the most frequently used application functions so far, we developed assumptions for the scenario. We confirmed together our assumptions about the animation flow, transition style, character appearance.  

Then we started to prepare a script in which we described the final assumptions of the material and matched each of the key features of the application with a funny genre scene. The app turned out to be a cure for coverage problems, kids getting bored on the road or couples with divergent movie tastes.


The next stage of work was to prepare storyboards that graphically represented the vision from the script – they showed the nature of the characters and the dynamics of narration. An animatic (draft animation) was created for the storyboards to make sure that the length of voice-over lines would match the timing of the planned movie.

Once the animatic was approved, we moved on to preparing keyframes, showing the look of each scene. We also proceeded to record the voiceover. Now we could start working on the final version of the animation with 3D elements, FXs (sound effects) and music. The animation was prepared in two language versions and amused the client’s representatives responsible for communication not only in Poland, but also in Europe and South Africa.