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Parlor Social


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We’ve been working with New York’s Parlor Social – a social club of a modern era which taps into New York’s rich cultural life and gathers it’s members around carefully curated choice of public events, as well as privately organized ones – continuously since 2019, when we started working on the website implementation. Then we developed an application for users. Both implementations were based on the projects provided by DTE Studio, an agency located in New York.


Application management panel (iOS and Android), landing page for user registration, and their integration with SalesForce Marketing Cloud and CRM were the basis for efficient outreach and user acquisition.


The next step was the preparation and implementation of paid campaigns in social media. For communication purposes we designed some static and animated materials, taking care of their coherence with a unique brand image developed by DTE Studio team.


At the same time, working closely with the client, we continuously monitor campaign effects and optimize our actions. Using Real-Time Marketing, we have achieved a CTR of 14% on Facebook and Instagram, and user engagement in advertising (comments, likes, shares) has more than tripled.


We also respond to current needs of the client and introduce new tools or solutions, such as displaying targeted pop-ups on the Parlor Social website.